Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Park Avenue," the sequel to "Fifth Avenue," is Underway

Today, I started the sequel to "Fifth Avenue," which is titled "Park Avenue."  I have my outline written (loosely, because that's how I work--eventually, I just let the characters take over) and I have part of the preface written. 

This is going to be a leaner, faster read.  If you thought the body count and the twists were high in "Fifth," you likely won't be disappointed with "Park."

Everyone is back.

Mario's father.
Lady Ionesco.
And even Louis, straight from the grave.

Add to this a host of new characters and it should make for a taut thriller.  I wasn't originally going to write a sequel, but given the amount of interest in the book--and the sheer amount of fan mail asking for more--I've decided to write it.  And actually, it will be good to be back with the old gang, should they survive.

I'm aiming for an end-of-the-year release.

Wish me and the book luck.

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Km30 said...

Good luck! I just finished Manhattan with love. Will carmen be back in park avenue?

Admin said...

She will. In fact, read here for an excerpt of Park:


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